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Welcome !

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Hello everybody ! For those of you who know nothing of me, I am based in Belfast and was born and raised in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh Northern Ireland. Because of the “troubles”, I, along with thousands of others, became politicised at a very young age, luckily for me, I choose the path of Socialism, as opposed to the path of Unionism and Nationalism and I am proud to have been seen over my lifetime as a  “bridge builder” in a deeply divided community. My music has been shaped by such events and life experiences, however, I won’t just be plugging my music on this page - I will be highlighting the causes I feel deeply about too. Causes like the ongoing suffering of refugees fleeing war or persecution, the exploitation of workers, calling out racism and sectarianism, the threat to our planet, the rise of fascism, woman’s rights and the need for people to join a trade union, especially mine. In short, highlighting the cause of social and economic justice. For the last eight years I have been senior regional organiser for 'Unite the Union' in Ireland. I have been a member of Unite for the past 35 years, I work in the national 'Organising and Leverage' department and have a brilliant team of 11 union organisers who’s job it is to help workers form unions in their workplace. The Covid 19 crisis has drawn some 110,000 new members into my union from all sectors in the UK and Ireland, this fight back by working people nailed the lie that trade unions are 'irrelevant'. The department is overseen in the UK and Ireland by Unite’s executive officer Sharon Graham. Sharon is one of the most remarkable human beings I have ever met. She is a real fighter, you will hear a lot about Sharon and my organisers in the coming months. Sharon will (when Len McCuskey declares his intention to stand down as our general secretary) be running for that position. I look forward to seeing her elected as the first woman secretary of one of the worlds biggest Trade Union’s. Believe me, this development will shake the elite and their establishments in these islands My music has been shaped by events and my life experiences, but also, was always In my blood. I am my father’s son as the saying goes, as he was a reputable professional musician and 'big band' leader in Ireland.

I hope you enjoy my music as much as I enjoy making it and I look forward to our shared journey on this fight for human rights !

Davy x

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